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YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World - Anime

"Until you die there is hope, until there is hope there is a possibility, until there is a possibility, you must live."

Overall Rating - 5/10

Where to Watch - Funimation

Plot - To be honest, I HAVE NO IDEA, but...let's give it a try. Takuya is a erm...healthy... high school student who's historian father suddenly disappears. As the story starts we're introduced to his...healthy...behaviors through his unhealthy relationships with the women around him. Navigating love, relationships, time travel, and other dimensions, Takuya grows into a somewhat loveable protagonist as he searches for the answers of his father's disappearance.

Review - To start, meme voice, "What happened to the original plot of the movie??" This was easily the most confusing things I have ever watched that bounced around between different plots yet somehow never changed main characters?? It starts with the most pervy protagonist womanizer I have ever met and no, I don't even hate that trope! I love Meliodias in Seven Deadly Sins, pervs can be funny, but this guy just sucks. He's creepy and overtly sexual and can't see that he's the problem that Mio, his friend he likes, doesn't like him back, but that's besides the point. This whole anime started out pretty decent with time travel playing a huge role. You start to like the main character as he puts himself through emotional turmoil, going back to constantly right the wrongs, yet irritatingly misses the point each time. Although he's trying to do the right things, he's so inept that he can't see the actual causes, and the show just chalks it up to fate, something I truly hate.

As side characters are introduced each woman has her own charm and good nature, whether it be wanting to fix the future, or simply learning from the past, they each have their own virtues about them, even if they're seen as unvirtuous at times. My favorite character was Eriko, the school nurse who turns out to be a total badass, I'll try not to spoiler anything but she should have been the true main character. Her back story and the key role she plays in the end could have an entire story of its own. Not all was bad about this though, there were a lot of insightful quotes and lessons to be learned here about fate, promises, and how to react to the inevitable in life.

As previously stated, the plot jumped around a lot, from being about time travel to suddenly inter-dimensional travel, to what they hell is actually happening, the writers abandoned the original plot until the very last two episode which just didn't sit right with me. It felt less like everything coming together in the end and more like "oh shit we totally forgot this was the whole point let's throw it in at the end," which is the type of plot twist I hate. Disorganized, totally side tracked, and worst of all, by the end I couldn't even tell if he was banging his own daughter. The character grew a bit and then in the end, really hadn't changed at all with something that just didn't sit right with me. He basically was like "here's this promise I made, oh wait never mind I love the other one more than you" which a lot of commenters online seem to agree with me on. Very weird anime that truly missed the mark.

To be honest, all I can say is I watched this so you don't have to. I might check out the game though, everything I read online says it makes more sense and has a better story line. Look for it!

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